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Minnesota Network Services
P.O. Box 476
Marshall, MN 56258
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Your locally owned and operated Internet service provider since 1996!
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Wireless Access
Available Internet Access Services

Minnesota Network Services has a wide variety of high speed services available to meet your Internet access or web site hosting needs.

Access Services Comparison
phone lines
Up to 3+ Mbps
Boyd / Clarkfield / Marshall / Amiret / Garvin / Tracy / Slayton / Currie / Lake Shetek areas

"Broadband access" is an all-encompassing term used to describe an Internet access service that is faster than speeds available with dialup access, as well as being always on.

Broadband access generally does not tie up your telephone line while you are using the Internet, so if you currently have a second telephone line just for dialup Internet service, or are considering adding another line for Internet service, in most cases dropping or not installing the additional line and installing broadband service is almost the same monthly cost - for greater than 6X the speed of dialup!

Broadband details

Wireless service (WLAN) is currently available in the Boyd / Clarkfield / Marshall / Amiret / Garvin / Tracy / Slayton / Currie / Lake Shetek areas. High speed Internet service is delivered to your location using secure, high speed routers and an antenna. It does not use a telephone line at all, so unlike dialup or DSL, with wireless service you can "cut the cord"!

Service availability depends upon on your location, elevation, and "radio line of sight" to our access points, with monthly charges dependant on the speed you choose. Please contact us at 800-834-3896 to give us your location to check terrain conditions in your area.
Broadband details

Minnesota Network Services does not offer broadband services in all service areas at this time, however we are rapidly adding new wireless technologies and service areas. If you are currently in an area that we do not offer broadband service, but are interested in getting broadband service, please let us know!